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Ready to find a foreign language solution that works for your family? You are going to love the Whole Program for level one. All of the Spanish instruction is provided in the video lessons on DVD– It’s like going to a live class without leaving home! This deal is hundreds of dollars’ worth of foreign language instruction for a fraction of the price, and it equips you with all of the necessary materials for one student.

Do you have a large family or multiple students? Try the Family Bundle Pack and save over $40 off the normal price! You will love the flexibility that Excelerate SPANISH offers your student, family, class, and/or co-op. Appropriate for multiple ages and accommodating all learning styles, you will find that students are able to participate at their level and feel confident and successful while learning tons of Spanish language! Develop real comprehension and speaking ability with a practical teaching method that resembles the way that we all learned our first language– naturally, without stress, and with positive results.

You see, the Total Physical Response (TPR) approach allows for all students to truly experience the significance of the spoken word, bringing it to life in their minds, encouraging retention, and bypassing the “affective filter” (our brain’s way of rejecting the unfamiliar). With TPR, we “trick” our elsewise resistant brain into embracing the new words and phrases. And because we are doing so much more than just “listen and repeat,” you will find that the Spanish you are learning truly sticks in your memory and is there for you when you need it. Success!


Concerned about fulfilling a high school language requirement? See this post. Comparing to other curricula? Read this article. Do you prefer a Charlotte Mason approach? See our entry on this subject here. And please google our reviews! We are confident that you will be tickled pink as your students excel and acquire real-life skills in the language, skills that will prepare them to communicate effectively with Spanish speakers from all over the globe! Try Excelerate SPANISH risk-free today!

90 DAY GUARANTEE Love it or your money back!

Love it or your money back!