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Do you have a single student? Or do you need to offer Spanish to multiple students in your homeschool? How would you like to give them an awesome experience that will help them to acquire tons of practical, useful Spanish?

Excelerate SPANISH is ideal for equipping your students for real life, for employment, for college, and for living in a country where there are over 50 million Spanish speakers. Yes, the United States now has more Spanish speakers than Spain! (See http://nypost.com/2015/06/29/us-has-more-spanish-speakers-than-spain/). Provide your children with the tools to communicate, collaborate, and compete in today’s– and tomorrow’s– workplaces and communities.

Are you feeling overwhelmed because you don’t speak Spanish, or aren’t sure how to teach it? No worries, friend! Excelerate SPANISH provides all the necessary instruction on DVD. It’s like enrolling your student in a private class, except you save tons of money, go at your own pace, and do it all at your convenience!

Are you a Charlotte Mason fan? Excelerate SPANISH is the hands-on approach you are looking for.

Have other Spanish programs left you wanting more? Check out this article about the difference you’ll see with Excelerate SPANISH.

Do you need a program that offers Spanish 2 also? Excelerate SPANISH 2 will surely delight both you and your students.

You’ll love the multiple options for affordable pricing to meet your needs!

For big families: http://exceleratespanish.com/products/curriculum/family-bundle-pack-new/

For your co-op: http://exceleratespanish.com/products/curriculum/bulk-order-lesson-books/, plus http://exceleratespanish.com/products/curriculum/bulk-order-workbooks/ and http://exceleratespanish.com/products/curriculum/bulk-order-answer-keys/. If you need different quantities for your group, just contact me directly using the form on this page for a quick, personal response.

Place your order today so that you can include Spanish for a more exciting, fulfilling school year! And for a limited time only, receive an EXTRA workbook for FREE when you order the whole program! Use the code FREEOCTUBRE when you order (and don’t forget to place the extra workbook into your cart!)

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