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To Public and Private School Teachers and Officials:

I realize that extended absences caused by teacher illnesses can be very troubling in any class, and especially so in a foreign language class, where it can be next to impossible to find substitutes who speak the language.

The year I started taking Spanish II, our Spanish teacher was out on extended leave due to surgery.  I still remember the weeks of worksheets that we struggled to complete without the benefit of any instruction.  Not only did it seem like mindless busy-work, but we practiced the wrong way to do a great part of it.  Talk about counter-productive!

When our teacher finally returned, she had to double back and help us to “unlearn” bad grammar that had already fossilized.  I can only imagine the discouragement this must have caused for our sweet, dedicated teacher who was also striving to regain her health.  If only there had been a way to spare all of us from all that pointless drill in the first place.

Would you like to offer your students quality Spanish instruction during their teacher’s absence?  Would you like to engage them with meaningful lessons that build proficiency, motivate students, and enhance their foreign language learning experience?

What I have to offer you is the result of over twenty years of teaching experience, research, and curriculum development and implementation.  Excelerate SPANISH is an approach to teaching foreign language that works for all age groups, because it honors basic principles of brain functioning and language acquisition.  It is relevant, interactive, effective, and kind.  Best of all, it is accessible to you:  inexpensive, easy to use, practically foolproof!  If your substitute teacher can operate a DVD player, you’ll have Spanish instruction for an entire class, immediately!

Priced to meet your needs, you can purchase as few or as many lessons as you like:

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Please contact me right away so that I can help to meet your needs.  I’m here to provide that interim instruction via DVD, to give you ongoing support, and even to train foreign language professionals!   Let’s get started to Excelerate SPANISH!


Caryn Hommel


“I LOVE this curriculum! It has helped transform our language learning, and my teaching.”

—  Marji McIlvaine, Hendersonville, NC