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Motivating, realistic, fun, memorable, effective…

Is that how most students would describe their foreign language courses?

Imagine learning Spanish almost effortlessly as you are immersed in dynamic situations ranging from the practical to the bizarre!  Equip yourself with useful expressions as you dramatize an engaging variety of scenarios: attending a concert, playing soccer, riding a motorcycle, even horseback riding...

Say goodbye to stale lessons, monotonous drills, lame dialogues, and forgettable lists foreverrrr.

Welcome to Spanish you'll love, use, and remember!

4 Excelerate SPANISH DVDs contain 24 video lessons, providing ALL of the necessary instruction.
Pop in a DVD, grab your book, and you’re ready to go!

Perfect for novices, or an excellent refresher.  Appropriate for multiple age groups (recommended for ages 7 through adult).  Students who have used other courses/methods will benefit tremendously as they begin to synthesize everything and become speakers!


"My girls LOVE IT!  We have been doing it for 4 weeks now and they never tire of it and are trying out the phrases when they are playing or when a situation arises and the words fit. After one class we were walking by people speaking Spanish and one of my girls picked out a word she knew.  I even had fun listening to a mom talk to her toddler in Spanish--that is more my speed :)"

-- Melissa Solomon, Raleigh, NC


Experience the Excelerate Difference:

Interactive:  Act out the action sequences and skits along with the video students!

Comprehensible:  English is used for clarity, so you aren’t left guessing

Applies principles of brain research and language acquisition

Written and Classroom-tested by a Homeschool Mom

Addresses All Learning Styles

Low Stress, High Success!
Meaningful Themes

Full 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

90 DAY GUARANTEE Love it or your money back!

Love it or your money back!

Pick me for your homeschool SPANISH curriculum!  🙂

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