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    Level 1 AND Level 2 Combo Pack- NEW


    PLEASE NOTE: The USPS is currently experiencing high volumes; please allow a few extra days for delivery. Thank you for your patience! Your business is very appreciated! 🙂 

    You will receive all lesson videos on DVD for both levels 1 and 2 plus one each:

    Excelerate Spanish 1 Lesson Book

    Excelerate Spanish 1 Workbook

    Excelerate Spanish 1 Answer Key

    Excelerate Spanish 2 Lesson Book

    Excelerate Spanish 2 Workbook

    Excelerate Spanish 2 Answer Key

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    Replacement Disk- Any Disk/Level (See Terms)


    For previous customers only– Here is an inexpensive solution for replacing your scratched or damaged disk. Please add a note upon checkout specifying which level/disk you need. Free First Class shipping is included! Thank you for your business. Please note– You must have a previous disk order (or Whole Program, Family Bundle Pack, or Combo…