Incredible Music Videos in Spanish- Watch for FREE!

Now here’s a resource that’s just begging to be shared– authentic music from every Hispanic country under the sun, clearly pinpointed on the world map for easy reference!  These songs are a sure-fire way to further engage your homeschool students and to synthesize their language study with geography and culture.  Click on the pushpins and enjoy a song or two!

We’d love to see your favorites and your comments on our facebook page!  Please be sure to let your friends know about these awesome Spanish music videos specially chosen for foreign language learners by Spanish Teacher Zachary Jones.

Excelerate SPANISH Receiving Positive Attention in TOS Homeschool Magazine

Be sure not to miss the 2014 Annual Print Edition of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!  It’s a wealth of information for your homeschool- whether you’re a newbie or a veteran.  This incredibly packed issue features articles covering tons of homeschool needs, including everything from how to start mid-year to how to teach your children Spanish at home!

Especially exciting is veteran homeschooler Marji McIlvaine’s article “Teaching Foreign Language:  You Can Do It!”  You’ll be encouraged and inspired as you glean from Marji’s 25+ years of experience teaching multiple foreign languages to homeschool students, and you’ll learn how Excelerate SPANISH addresses a critical need of the homeschool community.


Order your copy now, and enjoy a year’s worth of support in over 275 full-color pages at a phenomenal price.  It’s a treat you deserve, and a valuable resource you’ll come back to again and again.  Click here to learn more and place your order today!

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